Wednesday, 15 September 2010

LOVE IS BORN: 7th Anniversary & Ai Otsuka is pregnant!

LOVE is BORN 7th Anniversary! The live concerts took place 11th and 12th of September 2010 in Yokohama (strange that not in Osaka and not 09.09., but nevermind). The tickets sold out very quickly, which wasn't a big surprise :) Especially because the campaign promoting the events was well-organised and rich in attractions: lots of unique merchandise, like photos and posters: see them here. Moreover, there is also some sweet stuff, like chocolates ^^ These and much more cool LIB stuff are presented on the special website: click here to see.

The setlist:
1. Ai
2. Is
3. Zokkondition
4. Hanikami Jane
5. Action 10.5
6. Always Together
7. Momo no Hanabira
8. Neko ni Fuusen
9. Kingyo Hanabi
11. Ren'ai Shashin
12. Planetarium
13. Birthday Song
14. Rocket Sneaker
15. Sakuranbo
16. Mirai Taxi
19.I love xxx

Here you have 2 photos from the event:

Near the very end of the concert on Saturday, Ai-chin opened her heart and announced that...  she's pregnant! Ai said: September 9th, it was my birthday and I spent the day with my husband, but it was actually the birthday with the baby too. Although the baby is still very, very tiny, I wanted to tell you guys first. I can't see you guys for awhile in live, but I will look forward to see you later again. (Source: Oricon style). According to Ai, she's 3 months pregnant, so the delivery should be around April 2011. The news was spread throughout the whole world by the Internet in no time, making everyone both shocked and happy :) Omedetou, Ai-chin and Su!

Pregnancy means that our lovely Ai-chin will disappear for some time, but don't worry :) She'll be back for sure. She's been a really busy bee for the last 7 years, so she deserves for some time just for herself and her new family. I'm sure that Ai will be a great mother and the child will be the most important for her. I wish Ai, Su and their small penguin all the best! :)

UPDATES: Ai Otsuka gives birth to a baby girl | Photos from Ai's wedding


LittleBigHeart said...

I hope she will write some inspiring songs during a pregnancy.
It must be completely new for her, so i'm sure, she get new things to tell us by singing :) !

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