Sunday, 18 November 2012

Rabbit's "Awa Garu" a theme song for an upcoming drama High School Drive!

Rabbit's song 泡ガール (Awa Girl - Bubble Girl) from their upcoming debut album "Rabito" will be featured in a new drama titled ハイスクールドライブ~ (High School Drive). The drama is going to be a mobile drama consisting of 10 episodes and it's going to be broadcast by BeeTV. You can view the trailer here:

High School Drive is going to be a teenage drama whose main themes will be friendship, love and obstacles. Two main characters are Sota (Horii Arata) and Kana (Kurumi Shimizu) whose hearts are inhabited by two 38-year-old spirits. This, obviously, will lead to problems and plot twists! :)

More info about the High School Drive - 1 | 2

I think that the song matches the drama perfectly :) I can't wait to hear its full version!


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