Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Ai Otsuka got married!

Hot news! As the official Ai's website informs, 25th June 2010 Ai Otsuka married SU (real name: Kazuto Ootsuki) from RIP SLYME. The news was published a day after the event, moreover, all that was known about Ai and SU's relationship was that they MIGHT be together. Allegedly somebody saw SU leaving Otsuka's house, somebody else claimed that Ai gave SU keys to her house.... All this were just rumours, so barely nobody thought about them seriously. And now... Well, apparently there was a really huge grain of truth in this gossip.

Even for a typical small gossip about somebody dating somebody, this one was a hot topic. In addition, it was spread not only throughout Japan - even in Polish magazine about manga and anime there was a brief mention about Ai and SU being together. I was kind of puzzled that they were writing about some unproved hearsays and not about the professional achievements of both concerned - especially because the page where I found this news was to be about J-POP MUSIC only. There were many relevant things to write about - 'LOVE is BEST' tour, 'Zokkondition / Lucky Star' single...

Speaking of 'Zokkondition' - I felt that these lyrics must mean something! I only didn't think much about this deep meaning, because officially Ai didn't have any boyfriend... And I admit, I didn't have any time for thinking about it. Now it occured to me like some epiphany that nobody writes such suggestive words about getting married if they don't have nuptial vows in mind. And they are in love. It is clear and completely transparent that Ai was in love like hell when she wrote 'Zokkondition' lyrics - read it once again to see.

Yeah. Marriage. Like most of Ai's fans, I'm still lost for words when it comes to the latest Ai-chin's deed. Especially because lots of people on Channel-Ai threaten that if SU dares hurt Ai, 'there will be blood spilled' (said by user skeedatl) :P They say that SU is a lousy playboy, so the newlyweds won't be happy together, at least not for long. Well, I don't know SU that much, so I don't know what he may do, but I strongly believe that since Ai-chin chose SU as her husband, then she can see something precious and good in him, moreover, she can see a common path for both of them. I hope that they will live happily ever after and they will belong to this happy half of married couples who don't divorce :) I wish them all the best and I hope that our sweet Ai will write more beautiful songs full of love and passion. (But Ai, please, write and perform on your own - WITHOUT HIM - because one 'aisu x time' is enough :P)

For those who don't know Japanese - news in English from Tokyograph.

UPDATES: Ai and Su's wedding ceremony | Ai Otsuka gives birth to a baby girl | Photos from the wedding


miz1 said...

hahaha I was surprised when I read the news
If Ai is happy I am happy ^^
Su is very lucky!!! He won her heart

Helsa Ezzie mizuki said...

Wow... I'm Speechless...
Nice blog btw >w<

Anonymous said...

wow she is very cute i can´t imagine them together

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